Basic Behavior Interventions and Anecdotals

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Daily Classroom Incident Report

This first document is what I use to track bad behavior for students in my Inclusion and Self-Contained classes. This is an easy way to track actual behaviors by putting tally marks next to the inappropriate behavior.

Oprah “Keep’s it Tight” Self Monitoring Behavior Intervention

This document is a behavior intervention we used for a few students in my Self-Contained class. They fill out the sheet each day so that they are monitoring their behavior. It was a funny and motivating way for students to constantly monitor their behavior within the class. For one student I did 5 Oprah’s for 1 burned CD of his choice. 5 Oprah’s was the equivalent to 2 weeks of good behavior.

Power Bucks

Great positive behavior intervention strategy. Power bucks can be cashed in to the school or to Mr. Wilson for various prizes.

Postive Comment Strips

Another positive behavior intervention strategy these positive comment strips were used because students were verbally abusive to each other every day during class. Each student had to write a positive statement or word about another student and these were compiled into a Wordle.  <—– Great Resource!


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