The evolution of Secondary Education

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Discussions, Educational Posts

What does history tell us about the evolution of secondary education in America?

Secondary school reform represents a vitally important topic. The major goal is helping all students reach high academic standards. This has yielded a number of innovative programs that attempt to balance students personal and academic needs. The foundational skills of reading, writing and math are garnering more attention at the secondary level in all content area classes.

Along with high standards, public schools must meet the needs of all students and provide an appropriate education for students with many diverse needs. Inclusion of students with disabilities requires schools to rethink the way classes are tracked and how services are provided to students who have difficulty in the school environment. Coteaching arrangements, which allow subject area specialists to work with trained special educators in the same classroom, constitute one approach to meeting diverse needs.

There is always going to be a change that is coming in education because it is a constant evolution. What we learned 100, 75, and 50 years ago will be different then what we learn 10 years from now. That is why it is so important to stay on top of education movements and current information.


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