Here is what you do… Head over to youtube and look up the following 4 short videos:

man on fire – First Race

man on fire – So what do I do?

man on fire – The gunshot holds no fear?

man on fire – swim meet

Each video you can copy and paste the URL into the website – – and download it to your computer so you don’t have to do the buffering dance in front of the kids.

Below is the worksheet I used for the lesson.

Man on Fire WKSHT



I. Think. I. Just. Fixed. It.

I don’t know what the long term implications are but it sounded right and I have posted in awhile.

School districts are backed into a corner as administrators face choices in making multimillion-dollar cuts. They’ve had to make decisions like “Do I fix buildings or teach children?” and despite the constitutional obligations to fund public education, school districts are constantly at the mercy of the state when it comes to how much money they will – or won’t – receive.

I see a temporary fix for urban schools – mostly because I am biased – in that charter schools become a viable option. The state funds, per child, almost half of what a student would get if they were going to the neighboring public school. At this point it is going to create lower class sizes for neighboring schools and maybe even cut some operational costs like cutting under enrolled buildings, etc. The lower amount of money that is going to charter operators is offset by private companies that are looking to fund education.

Example: Technology company gives millions of dollars to a STEM school that is developing students for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. At this point you are helping raise the bar for future candidates at your company. This seems to be an invest in futures which every company does in some way, shape, or form.



Attached is a template that I use as a monthly Anecdotal record for the students that I service. I copy the template within the same document over and over for each student which makes it multiple pages buuuut I only have to access the one document each month to change the dates, accommodations, etc. Efficiency. Boom.

Anecdotal Record Template

This website has a wealth of information regarding many hot topic in Special Education. I would recommend reading up some of them whenever you need a quick refresher on terminology, etc.


Winter Break Workout Plan

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For all my TRACK STARS!!! Click on the link below for the winter break workout you need to get moving so we can literally hit the ground running when you get back from break!

Please pass along to anyone you think needs to break a little sweat!

Winter Break Workout Plan

This website has a bunch of generic graphic organizers you can use with your students in a variety of ways. A great way to organize information in a more usable manner for students that have trouble taking in large chunks of information.

Daily Classroom Incident Report

This first document is what I use to track bad behavior for students in my Inclusion and Self-Contained classes. This is an easy way to track actual behaviors by putting tally marks next to the inappropriate behavior.

Oprah “Keep’s it Tight” Self Monitoring Behavior Intervention

This document is a behavior intervention we used for a few students in my Self-Contained class. They fill out the sheet each day so that they are monitoring their behavior. It was a funny and motivating way for students to constantly monitor their behavior within the class. For one student I did 5 Oprah’s for 1 burned CD of his choice. 5 Oprah’s was the equivalent to 2 weeks of good behavior.

Power Bucks

Great positive behavior intervention strategy. Power bucks can be cashed in to the school or to Mr. Wilson for various prizes.

Postive Comment Strips

Another positive behavior intervention strategy these positive comment strips were used because students were verbally abusive to each other every day during class. Each student had to write a positive statement or word about another student and these were compiled into a Wordle.  <—– Great Resource!